Creating a
Safety Culture

Explore the Creating a Safety Culture section to inform and develop your safety leadership, prioritize workplace safety, access safety training funding forms, and utilize materials to foster a proactive and Safety for All Culture in the workplace.

Safety Leader Competencies

This section includes suggested safety leadership competencies to provide guidance on key areas for development for leaders in your organization to enable and support a “Safety for All” culture in your workplace.
Talk about worker health and safety to highlight its importance to you as a leader. Communicate your commitment to “safety for all” with urgency and set an example.
Clarify your personal vision of “safety for all” by visibly demonstrating the importance of safety through your active involvement.
Commit the necessary resources – people, equipment, your time – to strengthen safety performance. Include safety in performance indicators, monitor regularly.
Involve, inform, and empower people to achieve safety goals. Give people the knowledge, skills, information, resources, and responsibility for making the workplace safer.
Acknowledge efforts made in safety and recognize them meaningfully at individual and organizational levels.
Ask the right questions and insist on timely, accurate, and impartial information to ensure that safety opportunities and risks are balanced.
This is a section of the site dedicated to help leaders understand some core concepts in workplace safety and is a great starting point on your safety leadership journey.

Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) Guidance

JOHSC Effectiveness Checklist

JOHSC Recommendations

JOHSC Request for Information

JOHSC Yearly OHS Summary Report Form

This section includes suggested guidance and support for safety leadership needed to prioritize workplace safety in your organization.

Commitment, Leadership and Participation

Safety Leadership Training

Your Safety Plan - Get Started

Small Business Toolkit

WCB Safety Leadership Resources

This is a link to AWARE-NS’s application form to cover backfill staffing costs so your employees can attend training for several workplace violence prevention and safe handling and mobility training courses.

Funding Application

This is a link to WCB’s Safety Certified Program where employers can demonstrate leadership and commitment to workplace health and safety by gaining Safety Certified accreditation and program benefits.

WCB Safety Certified Program

Need Immediate Safety Assistance?

Contact 911
Use this service when you need urgent support for safety-related issues.

Contact AWARE (1-902-832-3868)

For additional support on safety-related issues, or for guidance on health and safety protocols and training.


Is it a Workplace Injury?
Inform the Nova Scotia Workers’ Compensation Board

Ensure the injured employee receives the necessary first aid and medical care promptly.


For incidents requiring medical attention or resulting in work time loss, you must inform WCB. Reporting guidance is provided by WCB at this site:


Is it a serious injury or incident?
Contact the Government of Nova Scotia Department of Labour, Skills, and Immigration

It is your duty to report serious injuries. A serious injury or incident is one that endangers life or causes permanent injury.


You must notify the Occupational Health and Safety Division at the Nova Scotia Department of Labour, Skills, and Immigration whenever a serious injury happens at your workplace. Call or send the notice in writing within the following deadlines:

1.     Fatalities—immediately

2.     Serious injury—as soon as possible, within 24 hours

·        Unconsciousness

·        Fracture of the skull, spine, pelvis, arm, leg, ankle, wrist or a major part of the hand or foot

·        Loss or amputation of a leg, arm, hand, foot, finger, or toe

·        Third-degree burn

·        Loss of sight in one or both eyes

·        Asphyxiation or poisoning

·        Any injury that requires admission to hospital

·        Any injury that endangers life

  1. 3.  Serious incident—as soon as possible, within 24 hours

·        An accidental explosion

·        A major structural failure or collapse of a building or other structure.

·        A major release of a hazardous substance 

·        A fall from a work area where fall protection is required by the regulations.

Phone: 1-800-952-2687 (1-800-9LABOUR) or 902-424-5400
[email protected]